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Sat Jul 23


The cover of a 1966 lesbian pulp novel, No Adam For Eve. A white woman with black hair stands behind another white woman, with blonde hair, and helps adjust her corset.

No Adam For Eve, published in 1966, was a lesbian pulp novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley (writing as John Dexter).



If you haven’t watched this yet, you should.

tumblingqueers-deactivated20120 said: Please help me. I am making a documentary following some young LGBT kids and need to find some to interview in the NYC area. I am trying to get my last post on my page out as an add for this. The film will show several kids under 16 who are LGBT and living in a supportive environment. Hopefully this film will reduce the sense of isolation so many of us grow up with. If this sounds like a worthy project please reblog the last post on my page and follow links to my BornProud project to see a preview for the film. Thanks for your time.

Wed Jul 20
Thu Jul 14

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